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What The World Needs Now Is…Balance





Several weeks ago a presenter on a radio station wanted to interview me on-air. Prior to the interview a question which the interviewer as was, “What do you think the world needs now?” It took me back to that 1965 song, “What the world needs now is love.” by Jackie DeShannon. I thought that love is a bit clichéd, so the word that came to me was “balance”…

Is Technology And Social Media A Mixed Blessing?

We’re never going back to the “good old days”! While we think how great things were in the past when life was simpler, the fact is that the world has progressed and continues to do so at a staggering pace...










7 Strategies To Cope With Stress

We all know that experiencing a high degree of stress, especially for a prolonged period can be debilitating and even deadly. Scientists have known for some time that conditions such as cancer and heart disease can be induced by living a stressful life…










3 Things You Need To Know About Health and Healing

Health, healing and life itself, are both magical and miraculous. For those of us who have looked at the complexity of the human body, we marvel at the intelligence that runs the body. Humanity has studied and treated the human organism for centuries…




For too long, seniors and retirees have been looked upon as “old”, unproductive and a burden. One recent article even referred to them as “Aging Disgracefully”.

We are here to tell you that seniors are “Aging Passionately”. They are travelling, working, being creative and even engaging in sexual activity. Many people as they approach their retirement years are not well-prepared. Often they haven’t saved enough money to give themselves the lifestyle that they want. Also many ask themselves, “What do I do now?”. Often they feel bored because they have lost their identity that came with working or with bringing up children. This is becoming a bigger issue as the population continues to rapidly age.

Our combined 80 years of experience gives us the expertise to assist seniors in developing their ultimate lifestyle.

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