This Powerful Secret Can Lead To Success In Life

Success can mean different things to people. Some measure it by how much money they have. Success is not determined by how many millions you have. It is indicated by how you succeed in achieving your desired outcome. The greatest motivator is to formulate a cause. The question to ask is, “Do You Have A Powerful Cause?”

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Australia: You’re More Efficient Than You Think

In October 1980, I immigrated to Australia and it struck me that things were a little behind here compared to Canada where I grew up. In Canada, computerisation had already arrived in the banks. Here, tellers were still writing deposits and withdrawals by hand.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Cheques have virtually disappeared. While I have a personal debit card on a “Check” account, I have not seen or written a cheque in years. Virtually ever business transaction is done through direct bank transfer or BPay––quick and efficient. Continue reading “Australia: You’re More Efficient Than You Think”