Relationship Secrets Cover - Low ResRelationship Secrets For Sexy Seniors

Are you finding that your relationship is mundane and boring? Has the spark of sexuality disappeared? Have you bought into the idea that it’s too late? In this book, the authors reveal the reasons why many of the over 50’s experience failed relationships with an increasing divorce rate in recent years. This book not only takes the topic head-on, but it also reveals that the older years are a time for many to be highly sexual…yes, seniors are doing it. The authors explore the many myths about relationships, the four pillars of successful relationships, the importance of understanding and identifying values. There is an exploration of everything from online dating to retirement villages where sex is well and truly regular fare. The authors give you practical and medical tips to enhance your sexual experience at any age. The good news is that if you apply the advice in this book, not only will your relationship improve, but if you are on the lookout for a new one, you can go into it with greater awareness and likelihood of success. This book can be revealing at any age.

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Travel Secrets COVER FRONT High Res Travel Secrets For Seniors

Adele and Ely are very passionate about travel as are many seniors and retirees. Over the years they have seen many seniors who have experienced their travel dreams as well as others for which the adventure turns into a travel nightmare. In this book we show you how to create your travel dream and how to organize, plan and experience it without the many pitfalls. For those in the over 55 age group there are all sorts of issues that need to be addressed to make the travel experience both exciting and safe. No matter what your state of health or fitness, this book provides you with valuable insights and practical ideas to have a great adventure. Happy Travels!


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