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dr joe

Ever wanted to know the why how and wherefore of travel? This book is it. From dreaming about your trip right through to coming home and dreaming about the next, Adele and Ely provide practical no-nonsense wisdom. There are loads of tips, useful websites and pointers you would never think of. Most important, it is full of how to DO things rather than telling you what not to do. Whilst targeted at seniors, this book is useful for all ages. I am going to start dreaming my next trip!

 – Dr Joe Kosterich


amandaI love how this book encourages seniors to travel for the best reasons of all – to have adventures and to create great memories. It gently suggests how to travel independently, if you feel comfortable doing so, or at least to travel mindfully, not just take a trip for the sake of it but get passionate about where you want to go and why.

There are many very practical chapters (eg health issues, technology issues, and so on) with excellent advice. It’s all very readable and is interspersed with short anecdotes from the authors’ own travels – these are both entertaining and also prove that they know what they’re talking about. Highly recommended, especially for those who are keen to travel but have anxieties about getting started.

– Amanda Kendle

rebeccaTravel Secrets for Seniors is undoubtedly one of the best guide books around. Filled with quality advice, great tips and surrounded by real stories from Ely and Adele, it is all you need to prepare for your next adventure. The conversational tone and witty recounts make Travel Secrets for Seniors one of the most valuable and easy to read travel books available. It’s the kind of book you have to buy for everyone you know!  

– Rebecca Wilson (Starts at Sixty)

Local Perth doctor Adele Thomas and her husband, local Perth chiropractor Dr Ely Lazar, are passionate about travel and enjoying life to the full. Their aim is to provide practical advice to help seniors derive maximum benefit from their trips by following a few simple guidelines to stay healthy and safe. Avid Tornado chasers and intrepid adventurers themselves, Drs Thomas and Lazar share their wealth of  experience to enable others to make their holiday as fulfilling as possible and to travel wisely whilst abroad. Their guide contains sound advice on planning, precautions to take and handy tips that will help avoid mishaps. It also has an interesting section on avoiding scams. An excellent prescription for travel.

                                  – Elaine Fry – West Australian Newspaper

Founders of “Passionate Retirees”, Drs Thomas & Lazar’s mission to enrich the quality of life for the older generation continues with their new book, ‘Relationship Secrets for Sexy Seniors’, promising “insights and practical steps to make your senior years sizzle.” The doctors, with their predilection for tornado chasing in America, are living proof that growing older can herald the most rewarding and satisfying period of life yet. With wisdom and common sense gained through their own personal and professional experiences (Dr Thomas is a sex therapist), they provide practical advice and useful anecdotes in their comprehensive guide. Like her Welsh poet namesake who advocated, “Do not go gentle into that good night”, they are inspirational in their belief that there simply does not need to be any “dying of the light”. Their wish to help every senior reach their full potential is a genuinely important contribution to society.

                               – Elaine Fry – West Australian Newspaper