The Great Mystery

As I come towards the close of my seventh decade on planet Earth, I think what a mystery it is that I made it this far. Has it all been just luck or has there been some organisation that has led me to this point in time? Life itself is perplexing––a great mystery. People have differing opinions on the essence of life. Mark Twain stated, “Life is just one damn thing after another.” Philosophers and scientists have their own views on what life is or why it is, and so it is a great unknown. Continue reading “The Great Mystery”

Hijacking Of The English Language


In my world, black used to mean black and white was white. Male referred to masculinity and female was femininity. Today, the lines have become so blurred due to political correctness, that we have changed the meaning of words as they were intended, and woe is the person who uses them in the wrong “context”. Here are some that annoy me:

Continue reading “Hijacking Of The English Language”

4 Magical Places on a European Road Trip

In 2012, we committed ourselves to travel extensively. Part of that time––3 months––was spent driving through Europe. Our journey commenced in Paris where we leased a vehicle that was new from the factory. There were many highlights in some 44 different locations. Here are a few of these:

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

PlitivicFrom the eastern part of Italy, it is a short drive to the northern part of Croatia. Surprisingly, the A1 Motorway in Croatia is a beautiful road that is as good as any other in the western Europe. After a short distance, we veered eastward on country roads through outback Croatia, littered with minefields and shrapnel-hole covered houses––a leftover from the war of the 1990’s. Continue reading “4 Magical Places on a European Road Trip”