Looking Back Fondly on The Memories

CCI23092014_2With so much attention today on Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, it is great to be able to look back, reminisce and REMEMBER. We all have those special memories in many areas of our lives, whether business or personal. Memories are not just about the good old days, but they are a way of reflecting how far you have come in your life. My chiropractic profession gave me the opportunity to meet thousands of patients over a span of 40 years. There were many situations and people that made it a very interesting and fun profession to be in, and I appreciate having those experiences. Continue reading “Looking Back Fondly on The Memories”

What Do These People Have In Common?

Albert Einstein was one of the great physicists of all time. He gave us the theories of general and special relativity––all of which have been scientifically validated. He also gave us that famous yet simple equation, E=mc2.
Martin Luther King was known as the great American civil rights leader who changed a nation with his determination and skilled oratory. In fact, many consider his speech, “I have a dream”, the greatest of the 20th century.
Then there is Nalala Yousafzai, not exactly a household name. She has recently come to international exposure because she was a young lady who was shot at age 15 by the Taliban because of her campaign to fight on behalf of the right of girls to receive an education. She made an amazing recovery and continued her battle for the rights of young girls.
So what do these three people have in common? If you said that they were all Nobel Prize winners, you are correct. The prize, however, is a recognition that they have led lives of Significance. Significance gives our lives meaning. Many are searching for it and yet, so metimes it is staring them in the face.
We don’t have to be a Martin Luther King or an Einstein to be significant. If we look at the 7 areas of our lives: Spirituality, Mentality, Vocation, Financial, Physical, Family and Social, we may find where we have been very significant.
The parent that has been a mentor to a child or grandchild that has resulted in the child achieving greatness; that is a life-changing event and is worthy of acknowledgment. A health care practitioner, who because of taking care of a patient, has saved their life; that is significant. Adele and I as a medical doctor, and chiropractor have seen this at work so often, that we don’t doubt we have made a significant contribution to humanity.
So where in your life have you been or are you significant? We all have particular talents and abilities, as well as life journeys, that allow us all to make an impact in this world.  Did you help out a friend and because of what you said, he or she was able to salvage their life? Did you mentor people and because of your commitment did it inspire others to succeed in their lives? 

Sit down and scan through your life and see where you have been significant. If you still feel you haven’t been, then look at where you can still make a difference. Even if we are aged and don’t have the health we once had, we still have a mind that we can use and that is incredibly powerful.  

Are You Taking Off Or Imploding

If you are over 65, you probably remember when President John F Kennedy delivered a famous speech in 1961 before the US Congress in which he said,  “This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” 

That was a very lofty goal considering that the Americans had not yet put a man into space. Many believed it was not realistic, but Kennedy had a vision and set a future course for his country to become a leader in space exploration. We all know that the vision became reality in 1969 when Neil  Armstrong stepped on the moon.

Let’s fast forward to today. In one week America had a rocket, on its way to the International Space Station, explode just after take-off, and the privately developed Virgin Galactica exploded and crashed after being launched from its parent aircraft. Galactica was to be the vehicle to start taking tourists into space. America remains dependent on Russian rockets to get into space. The glory days of the 1960s and 70s are over. There is no longer a vision and the result is an anemic space program.

So what has this got to do with you? The space program is a metaphor for our lives. In the early days—our 20s and 30s—we have a sense of purpose and drive to achieve. We launch our businesses, careers, products or inventions. If we are inspired with a sense of purpose, we create great things and leave an impact on the world around us. When we arrive at our 50s and 60s, the trajectory is often downward, and we start to implode.

You have a choice. You can recreate a new purpose so that your life takes off again like the giant Saturn V rocket, or you can live without a sense of purpose and your life can literally implode. When there is a vision and purpose, you can set a course to create action in the second half of your life. The key is to find that which inspires you.

We created the Baby Boomers Blueprint Secrets Program so that you can discover your inspiration and live your purpose. To learn more, contact us at info@passionateretirees.com.