Do You Remember The Sanity Of The 1950’s And 60’s?

50's Phone

We are told that we live in the greatest of times. We have technological tools available today that we could only dream of 50 years ago. We have safer cars with advanced computer technology, we have more efficient homes, and we can access information and products from anywhere in the world with just the click of a mouse. So with all these conveniences, you would think that we would be a happy lot. The reality projects something else and some question our sanity. Continue reading “Do You Remember The Sanity Of The 1950’s And 60’s?”

3 Benefits Of Delaying Instant Gratification

We live in a world where we have so much available to us: air-conditioned homes, the latest in computer technology, hi-tech cars, and conveniences of which our forefathers could only dream. Because of all that is available, we want things now! We have been programmed for instant gratification. It’s important to understand that delaying gratification in the longer term, actually has significant benefits. Continue reading “3 Benefits Of Delaying Instant Gratification”

If You Think Surgery Is Simple – Think Again

On the 12th of January I went in to have an arthroscopy on my right knee––a minor procedure––or so I thought. These last years I had been very active; skiing, cycling, swimming and hiking with occasional recurrent knee pain; it didn’t stop me, so I continued as usual.

Then on New Years Day, we decided to take a five-kilometre hike rather than cycle in a gale-force wind. Little did I know what an effect that hike would have. Within 24 hours my knee blew up like a balloon, twice the size of my other knee. An exercise of any note––even walking––became tough. Continue reading “If You Think Surgery Is Simple – Think Again”