What Others Say About Our Workshops…

It reminded me of things/info I knew before. Helped me clarify what I am doing at present and what my goals are for the next two years. Gave me affirmation of my gifts and reaffirmed my goals as they came to my consciousness.

B. Ross
After the seminar I have felt totally free and at ease with myself. The feeling of gratitude and being ‘present’ is important in my life. I realise I have been given a gift of freedom which I have so long desired

I am immensely grateful.

June H.
I want to thank you both for the encouragement today and know also that it is "the" best Life Skills/Teaching Programmes I have ever been too.  It was clear and concise and explained in a qualified manner. I can only say thank you (for today) but it means very much more.

I so look forward to using and gaining from what was made available ("given") to me.

Sue M.
A re-assessment of my place in life…in fact, my place is my own life.
A very useful breakdown of tools to assist in this process.

There was enough leeway at the program for people to share and for questions asked and answered well. I had a couple of real moments of insight that I will take with me in the future.

Liz C.
I had significant enlightenment on mapping a way forward for the rest of my life. I had guidance on working out what I need to determine my purpose and goal setting to help achieve this. There was interesting and thought-provoking answers with both Adele and Ely, and the attendees.

Tim H.
I have by using the tools that this work provides you with, re-discovered myself and I am currently mapping out my life’s purpose and mission that will carry me through the next 50 years.

I plan to continue using this work throughout my life and I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Adele and Ely for their guidance on this journey.

Julie G.
The workshop on "7 Secrets To A Purposeful Life" gave me the stimulation and tools to organise my mind into positive action which will bring the results I am seeking. It was a priviledge to spend a day thinking and being guided by two passionate professionals. What a wonderful day.

I have a lot of work to do on myself and actually am excited about the future. My mind hasn't stopped thinking of ideas and I  am writing lots down.

My thanks to two very "special people”.

Judy O.